Many people don’t want to go and pick up their Christmas tree until just before Christmas as they are worried about keeping their tree fresh.  There is a way to keep your tree fresh right through the holiday season into the New Year.

Make sure when you bring your tree home, it has a fresh cut on it before putting it in the stand.  If it is a pre-cut tree see if the farm can make a fresh cut or do this when you get home.

When you get your tree into the stand and where you want it to be,  pour very hot water into the stand every time it needs it.  Be CAREFUL not to burn yourself!

Hot water makes the sap flow and the tree think it is spring. People have even reported seeing new growth on it! While many people believe adding concoctions to the water will lengthen the life of the tree, simply using this hot water method works very well and your tree will flourish over the holidays.

Just a note too! Customers that are returning this year are giving us raving reviews over our stands that we sell at the farm.  Make sure to pick one up when you come for your tree!