7156 White Church Road Mount Hope, Ontario

We are sold out and now closed for the season.

Thank you and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear friends,

This year we are not opening the fields for our cut your own operations however …we have our usual  selection of Precut Christmas trees including: Frazer fir, Concolor, Balsam fir, Serbian spruce, blue spruce and beautiful scotch pine trees.

  • No additional charges for drilling and bagging your Christmas tree.
  • Leashed dogs are most welcome!
    Help with tying the tree to your car is always available from one of our helpers – often a family member.

I know our regular customers love our marriage saver tree stand and even if you do not get your tree here this remember you can always come to the farm to get your tree drilled.

We appreciate your business and thank you for supporting our family farm.

Jim Watson

We are located minutes from Hamilton, lots of great photography spaces to choose from and if you want to use props, we have lots of farm equipment, a fabulous barn if you want a backdrop and more.  Ask us for more information when you call!

Please contact us by phone to book your sessions. 905-679-9000

The Watson family
Jim Watson

Click here to see just a sample from other years or visit the Facebook page.

NOTE: We endeavor to make your visit to the farm a wonderful holiday experience and do everything we can to keep you safe. Please remember, this is a working farm so please be vigilant of the machinery and others while you are here. Keep a close eye on your children so they also stay safe. 

We highly recommend our  tree stand. The reason we sell this  stand is the simplicity of consumer use.

Before the tree  leaves the farm it is placed  a upright into a drilling machine, when  straight we drill the tree using a cone shaped bit.  The benefit is that  when the tree is brought into the house you simply place the tree on the spike in the stand and add water  to the 10 liter plastic bowl.  We are sure it saves marriages LOL. 🙂

Please do not come to the farm if you (or anyone you have been in close physical contact with) have Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency,
“Based on general scientific knowledge of coronaviruses, there is likely a very low risk that the virus can be spread through plants, flowers or their packaging.”

New Service
Barn or Tent Weddings
Year Round Photography
(Engagement, Family Photos etc)

We have begun to receive inquiries about having weddings at the Farm. We are pleased to speak to you about barn or tent weddings, engagement or family photo shoots on our property year round.
Please call us to book a time to discuss your needs.